Jay's Moving has acquired 
Moving Dawgs

Indianapolis based Jay's Moving has acquired Moving Dawgs, a division of Dawg Services, Inc., as of September 1st 2015. Jay’s has served Indianapolis since 1951 providing local and regional residential and commercial moves. Jay’s now offers their own Portable Storage containers called Jay’s Bays.

Our business philosophy is built on a legacy of hard work, commitment to family and community, and the continued service of fair and honest business practices. Our, work ethic and superior service will guarantee that your move with Jay’s will be an experience you’ll never forget.


If you have a current move, or an estimate, scheduled with Moving Dawgs then your move will be performed by the team at Jay’s Moving Co. The terms of your agreement will not be altered and you will receive the same service, at the same price and with the same amount of movers that you scheduled at the time of your appointment. If you have any questions about your scheduled move, then call Jay’s Moving at 317-638-7033.