Cozy Kitchens

Everybody sees those dream kitchens plastered online and spewing from your favorite television shows. Large granite islands, an overwhelming amount of cabinet space, stainless steel appliances, and of course a perfect flow. Holidays will be a breeze in such a spacious place. and your guests will feel at home sitting at the kitchen counter.

Just because you don’t have a kitchen that rivals the Louvre doesn’t mean you can’t love the one you do have. The perfect organization will give you plenty of work space and plenty of entertainment space.

First things first, designate the areas in your kitchen. Store your plates and glasses near the sink or dishwasher if you have one.Storing your food in a pantry will free up a ton of space in your cabinets. If you don’t have a pantry, jazz up a simple metal shelving unit with a curtain.

Your pots, pans, and cooking sheets will take up the most space. Many ovens have a drawer beneath them perfectly suited for your cooking sheets. You can use command hooks on your cabinet doors to hold the lids of your pots and pans, and you can stack your pots and pans within each other. You can also try using a tension rod and some s-shaped hooks in the cabinet to hang your lighter pots and pans.

Simple metal shelves will fit inside your cabinets, doubling the space you have for baking dishes, plates, and other kitchen necessities.

To make the most of your counter space, keep the appliances you don’t use every day stored in your pantry or cabinets. Your Kitchen-Aid mixer and fancier serving plates can serve as decoration if you have space on top of your cabinets.

If you don’t have a kitchen island or need more counter space, you can either buy or create a moveable kitchen island. These handy little carts can be tucked away in a small niche of your kitchen and give you the extra prep space you need. If you want to make one, these simple directions show you how to make one with a wood cutting board and a filing cabinet.

Your small kitchen will look larger if it is clean. Don’t leave a dish wrack sitting out all the time, taking up valuable counter space.

Many people store their cleaning supplies beneath their kitchen sinks. Keep this space organized as well. A tension rod will allow you to hang up your bottles of cleaner, freeing up space for boxes of trash bags, dust rags, and dish wracks.

If you need additional storage, create it on the walls. Metal baskets can be hung up and filled with

fruit, doubling as a bright decoration. Magazine files attached to cabinet doors can hold your boxes of wax paper, aluminum, and parchment paper.

Now that your kitchen feels spacious and comfortable, you can make your favorite dishes and entertain your favorite people.